About Us

Hi! My name is Nathan and I’m a passionate meat-lover and certified grill connoisseur. I fell in love with grilling food back when I was a little kid when my grandfather used to cook tasty burgers in our backyard every Saturdays.


Nothing beats the smell of a smokey barbecue and the sound it makes when you grill it. Since then I’ve gone on an adventure with my taste buds and started with the old charcoal grill we had back home to try my hand at grilling meats.

Grilling is one of the many ways to enjoy beef whether it be using a charcoal grill or a gas grill. It’s something I fell in love with and I always bring a portable grill with me whenever I tailgate with my family for Monday Night Football or when I’m just simply cooking a delicious meal at the backyard.

I like helping people find their way when it comes to grilling and what kind of grill they should buy. In my experience I’ve used plenty of different grills and not all of them were created equal. I saved some cash to buy a high-quality grill and the difference was night and day.

I could grill meats much faster, the flavor was on-point, and I got more tenderness and juiciness out of my burgers and sausages. A good performing grill doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to heat up evenly and fast which are probably the most important things a grill should properly do.

I also like sharing simple, easy to make recipes that are delicious and quick to prepare. Whether you’re out on the beach or enjoying nature while camping, grilled food serves as a gateway to satisfy your taste buds wherever you may be. I love grilling as much as I love life and I hope you feel the same way too with my guides and recipes!