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The Best Smokeless Indoor Grills In 2020


​Grills come in different sizes and types, some of which are designed for outdoor use. However, there is another category for grills that are designed for indoor use.

These type of grills are known as smokeless indoor grills and typically cater for small to large-sized families.

Most of these smokeless grills use electricity and thus very little smoke that’s detected by the smoke alarms. The key to getting a good smokeless grill is knowing the types of foods you intend to cook.

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Types of smokeless grills 

Since you want a grill that does not produce a lot of smoke, it’s advisable that you avoid grills that use charcoal, gas or propane. There are three types of smokeless grills to choose from:

  1. Open Countertop 

Like most indoor grills, Open countertops are powered by electricity. They are quite popular due to their large cooking area. This allows you to cook different types of meals at the same time. They tend to have buttons or dials that are used to regulate the temperature.

The downside to using open countertops is that they do not have lids. Without a lid, you will have to clean up the mess from grease spilling on your walls and counters.

  1. Stovetop Grills 

Stovetop grills are typically placed on the stovetop. These types of grills feature a round metal disk that has several layers. They are typically used on glass-surface stoves or any other stove-top surface. The stove acts as a heat source. You start by heating the burners to the desired settings, then place your grill on the stove pan. Preferably, position it near the smallest burner. Allow the grill to heat for about 10 minutes and start cooking.

It’s a welcome addition to your kitchen as you get the chance to experiment with different flavors of meat. And since you are using your stove, you know how to regulate the temperature and any other tricks that will result in well-cooked meat.

While they are effective, stove-top grills have a few downsides. For it, to function, you need a working stove. Also, any greases or juices that fall onto the grill go directly to the stove, which is harder to clean.

  1. Close Countertop

Unlike the open countertop, this type of grill comes with a lid that helps contain the grease and juices. Having a lid shortens your cooking time as the grill can maintain optimal temperatures for longer. However, this doesn’t come without a downside as it is harder to grill big chunks of meat.

Factors to Consider 

When buying a smokeless indoor grill, there are a few features you should look for. Some of these features include:


Although the aesthetic aspect isn’t a priority, it's important that you choose a grill that is compact and lightweight. You want a grill that has handles and a user-friendly design. Preferably choose a color and design that is compatible with your kitchen décor.

Grilling surface

The best smokeless indoor grills should have a large grilling surface that is sufficient to cook for a family. Most smokeless grills can grill at least 6-8 burgers. There are others that have interchangeable grilling plates which can be adjusted to increase your grilling methods.

Smoke extraction system 

Since main your concern is smoke, it’s only logical that you get a grill with a functional smoke extraction system. However, it’s good to note that these grills will not be fully smoke-free. Thus look for a grill with extraction fans as they will help suck in the smoke. Be on the lookout for grills with smoke extraction technologies.

Cleaning process 

After you are done cooking you’ll have to clean the smokeless grill. Therefore, ensure that you buy a grill that is easy to clean. Preferably look for a grill with non-stick surfaces. The faster you clean your grill, the faster you can move on to the next activity.

Top 5 Picks For Indoor Grills

1. ​Hamilton Beach 25361 Electric Grill 

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Having used charcoal, wood, and gas grills for quite some time, I never pictured myself using an electric grill. Your meat won’t taste the same by this I mean you will not get that charcoal, wood smoke or flame-grilled flavor. Due to various reasons, cooking with these traditional methods will not always be available. Thus you have to use an indoor grill. This is where the Hamilton Beach 25631 shines best.

Being an indoor grill, it’s subject to change in weather and doesn’t require a stock pile or wood or coal. You also don’t have to worry about apartment rules as it is smokeless. In addition, it has:

Stainless steel body 

The outer body is made of stainless steel, which ensures that it does not rust. The stainless steel body also makes it easy to clean the grill. In addition, the stainless steel outer body is a vital component of the cooking process as it helps retain heat.


Although the grill is quite small it has enough grill space to cook about 3-4 servings. With a cooking space of 15 x 10 inches, you can grill 3 chicken breasts at a time. The small size in handy as you don’t have to clear the countertop in order to fit the grill.


The Hamilton beach grill features a built-in window. This is very useful, especially if you are handling other chores as you grill your meat. It gives you a clear view of your meat without compromising the efficiency of the appliance. The viewing lid also helps reduce grease splatters and contain smoke.

Additional features 

It comes with a temperature adjuster that allows you to select the temperature from200 to 450° Fahrenheit. With such a wide range, you can cook cuts that have varying thickness. It can be used to cook veggies, sausages, steaks, chops, burgers, etc.

It also has built-in handles that make it easy to carry the appliance. The grill also features two light indicators- one shows that the appliance is connected to power while the second indicates that your grill has achieved the preferred temperature.


  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Large enough to feed multiple servings
  • ​Dishwasher safe dip tray
  • ​The lid locks in flavor


  • ​The cord runs short thus requires an extension cord

​2. ​Hot Shot Indoor Electric Smokeless Grill

This is a compact grill that’s designed for use in mobile homes, apartments, boats and any other grilling outside is not possible. According to the manufacturer, the grill can suck up all the smoke, which makes it ideal for indoor environments.


Each hot shot grill features a grill, griddle plate, recipe book, removable grill plate, and glass lid. With this indoor grill, you get two cooking surfaces. The first is the griddle plate, which acts the surface for restaurant-grade cooking. It’s ideal for cooking eggs, steaks, fish, and pancakes. Alternatively, the grill plate can be used for a traditional barbecue. You can grill your veggies, steaks, and ribs.


The Hot shot grill features an aesthetically pleasing design that includes a hands-free hinged lid. It is made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum. It’s easy to use, and it only requires a power source to work. You can use it outdoors, in your kitchen or in a camping area.

Ease of use 

After you’ve set up everything, start by pressing the power button. Use the up & down arrows to regulate the heat. This will be based on the six available settings 220, 250, 320, 350, 390, 450°F. Before you place your food, ensure you press the button that activates the vacuum system. This system will extract all the smoke.

Cooking surface 

The Hot smoke grill has a large cooking surface that can fit at least eight burgers. Below the grill is a tray that collects all the fat and grease that drips down. The tray is removable; thus, you can pull it out, drain the contents, and clean it. You can also use the tray as a steam tray where you can pour water and add aromatics such as lemons and herbs.


  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Convenient
  • ​Smoke extraction technology
  • ​Compact design that is easy to carry and transport


  • ​The grill is smaller than advertised
  • ​Pricier than its competitors

3. ​T-fal GC70 OptiGrill Electric Grill

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The aroma of grilled is irresistible especially steaks, blackened poultry, fish and seared pork chops. Most of these are grilled outdoors where the smoke adds a deliciousness of its own. You can replicate this process indoors using the T-fal GC70 which has an automatic sensor cooking technology that detects your food and cooks it just the way you like it.

Design and operation 

Ever used an electric Panini press? If you have then the design of the T-fal GC70 should be a familiar one. It features a compact and clam-shaped design. Running along the panel are several buttons which include the main power button and six keys. All the keys are labeled with symbols.

Before you begin grilling, it’s recommended that you apply grease or oil on both grill gates. Once you are done grilling, you can remove the grill gates and toss the in your dishwasher.


It takes a few trials to get acquainted with the controls and the six cooking programs. Once you know how to use the controls and interpret the indicator lights and beeps, you can begin to cook. Steaks prepared with this grill were medium in color and looked juicy. The same applies to the chicken despite the fact that it exceeds the recommended 205°F. Meats cooked using this grill look juicy on the outside and still contain a little bit of moisture on the inside.


  • ​Removable grill plates
  • ​Six different grilling settings
  • ​Adapts the temperature setting to match the thickness of the food
  • ​Cooking indicators and audio beeps


  • ​Not ideal for uneven cuts of meat
  • ​Not ideal for a large family

4. ​Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

This is the ultimate kitchen appliance as it has five cooking functions and 200 square inch cooking surface. It’s user-friendly and versatile. It has all your grilling need covered. According to the manufacturer, the Cuisinart 5-in -1 can grill you meat into something tender and juicy. Below are more of its amazing features:


It has a solid construction overall and is made of quality materials to ensure it can last for long. For example, the cooking plates are made of die-cast aluminum and can fit in both the bottom and top housing units. Each of these units is made of stainless steel, and a Panini handle. This handle can be used to compress to sandwich bread.

Control panel 

Using the control panel, you can scroll through different temperatures ranging from 200-425°F.  There is also a selection dial that is used to switch from the griddle temperature to the Grill Panini temperature. In addition, the grill also has indicator lights that illuminate when the device is turned on, and when the desired temperature is reached.


  • ​Small storage footprint
  • ​Easy cleanup
  • ​Grills quickly and leaves grill marks on your meat
  • ​200 square inch cooking surface


  • ​Grease management could use some improvement

5. ​Secura GR-1503XL

Secura GR-1503XL

This is a device that features a unique design and an iron cast surface for durability. It’s portable and large enough to cook food for at least 4-5 people. It is also easy to clean and come with a scraper to help remove the gunk from your grill. Additional features include:

Removable drip tray 

The Secure GR-1503XL has a drip tray which is located just below the grill plates. It collects any fats and grease that fall from the foods. It’s then removed and cleaned.


The device has a huge structure that is not overly bulky with most of the important features in front. It also has cool-touch feature that allows you to hold the handle without blistering your hands. In addition to this, there is also a glass lid that allows for an unobstructed view of the food as it cooks. The grill has a lateral side open that is added for better ventilation.


  • ​Glass lid that promotes heat retention
  • ​Adjustable thermostat for controlled cooking
  • ​Large nonstick surface
  • ​Reversible plates
  • ​Cool touch handles


  • ​You’ll get a few splashes from the lateral opening


Each indoor grill has certain features that differentiate it from others, which means that the best smokeless indoor grills might not be the best for you. Ideally, you should choose a grill that has all the features that are important and practical.

With one of these grills, you can improve your grilling skills even when you are living in a small apartment. These are devices that offer not only convenience but also flavorful cooking. Get any of these grills and enjoy grilling your favorite foods without having to deal with smoke.

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